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Washing Your Baby with Eczema

If your baby suffers from the dry, itchy skin condition eczema, you may be nervous about the risk of triggering...

Skin Science

Baby Eczema Rashes: How to Treat & Manage

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition affecting up to 25% of children, most of whom develop symptoms...

Woman blending a smoothie.
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You and the sun probably have a good relationship, all things considered. True, too much 1:1 personal time can leave your skin red and tender, but add a little sunscreen,...

October, 27 2020
Woman using tea bags over her eyes
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Sometimes baggage is a good thing, like when you're packing up a suitcase for a much-needed vacation. Other kinds of baggage are less kind to us, like the emotional baggage...

October, 27 2020
A small pile of oats spilling from a jar and resting on a wooden spoon.
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Hands down, oatmeal makes the most delicious (and healthiest) breakfast. This grain is also a total skincare powerhouse, with all sorts of beneficial nutrients that allow...

September, 10 2020
Woman washing hair in the shower.
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Oat milk is one of the latest lactose-alternative beverage to hit the scene. While it makes the perfect addition to your morning smoothie, that's not all it can do. As...

September, 02 2020
Potting an aloe vera plant.
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Everyone has that one friend whose home is filled to the rafters with plants. Want a cup of tea? They'll just snip off a bit of chamomile. Pizza night? The...

August, 27 2020
A woman applies a serum from a glass bottle.
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Once you've got your skincare basics down and you're the master of your daily cleanse, moisturizer and SPF, you might be tempted to expand your routine to steps that target...

August, 25 2020
Happy woman with healthy skin
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There's more to eczema than meets the eye. This common skin woe, which creates areas of rough, itchy, red and cracked skin, affects around 15% to 20% of children and...

August, 20 2020
Shea butter in a wooden spoon.
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If you've ever paced through rows upon rows of moisturizers at the store, chances are you're familiar with shea butter — at least in name. It's made its way onto...

August, 18 2020