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Himalayan salt benefits: the truth about this popular ingredient

Himalayan Salt
Liz Thompson
Liz Thompson January, 31, 2020

Freelance writer, green beauty expert, coffee drinker, beach bum wannabe

Himalayan salt benefits are having a moment. Wondering if all the fuss is warranted? Let's take a closer look at what using salt for skin (and beyond) actually does for you.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with salt. A night of experimenting with just how much pizza you can fit in your body might leave you with some regrets, but heading out for a day at the beach or working up a decent sweat feels downright therapeutic. So, how do you get on salt's good side?

Here's how to get the most from Himalayan salt without the unwanted side effects.

Are Himalayan salts really worth it?

Himalayan pink salt comes from Pakistan. More specifically, from the Salt Range, an area of Himalayan foothills in the Punjab province. Ancient oceans deposited the salt beds that this type of rock salt is now mined from.

The claimed benefits of Himalayan salt range from a purer seasoning to a natural solution for asthma. As with any trendy ingredient, though, it makes sense to take what you hear with, well, a grain of salt. Does pink Himalayan salt taste good? Yes. Does it offer some benefits? Absolutely. Will it cure your asthma? Probably not.

So, what are the benefits of sea salt, really? Sea salts are less processed and refined than traditional table salt. This means they contain a wealth of minerals that help to maintain electrolyte balance, proper circulation and muscle strength in the body. Research suggests that sea salt may also be a better option for those with blood pressure, heart and kidney issues. Of course, going too heavy on the salt can lead to serious health issues. Experts recommend consuming less than 2,300 milligrams, or one teaspoon, of sodium per day.

5 Reasons to use Himalayan salt for skin

Here's where things get fun. Whether you opt for pink, white or green (yes, it comes in green), there are sea salt benefits for skin aplenty.

Spa setting with natural olive soap and sea salt 1. It's a super slougher

The most popular use of salt in skincare is exfoliation. Not only does it physically slough off dead skin cells, but the salt itself leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth.

2. It plumps, not puffs

A salt-laden food binge can make you feel bloated and puffy. Salt for skin? Not so much. Next time your skin needs a plump and youthful refresh, try a sea salt facial.

3. It takes deep cleansing even deeper

Even if you think you're getting your skin clean, sea salt goes a level further. Salt absorbs dirt and toxins on top of having natural antibacterial properties. Reach for a sea salt cleanser to give your skin a refined and purified feel.

4. It offers long-lasting hydration

Salty foods have you reaching for water, but treating your skin to sea salt doesn't give you the same sapped and thirsty feeling. The minerals in salt can help maintain the skin's natural barrier, which can support hydration and keep out irritants.

5. It's deeply soothing

It may come as a surprise, but salt can actually soothe sensitive and upset skin. A salt soak is perfect for anyone dealing with irritation or sunburn — and the benefits even go beneath the skin to relieve sore muscles.

While it may not be a cure-all solution, using Himalayan salts might be worth exploring. It's no substitute for treatment if you have a serious health condition, but it's a natural skin beautifier that tastes delicious and looks wonderful sitting in your kitchen.

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