Our Philosophy – A Powerful Blend of Nature & Science

The history of Aveeno is built upon our commitment to combine scientific research with the ingredients found in nature. Our scientists unlock the power of a selection of natural ingredients—science and nature, working together, in harmony. We bring nourishing solutions to your skincare so even the most sensitive skin feels soothed and moisturized.

Our Ingredients: Formulated for Sensitive Skin

At Aveeno, we know balance is the key to wellbeing, and we use science and research to harness the power of a selection of nature’s ingredients in formulas that care for your sensitive skin—dry, itchy, eczematic, even the often-distressed skin of oncology patients. Our skin expertise brings these select ingredients together in combinations proven to soothe and nurture your skin.


Our Sustainability: Working Together Toward a Healthier Planet

We are as transparent about our sustainability initiatives as we are about the ingredients on our labels. We always keep the health and the future of our planet in mind; for example, we use our patented GAIA™ process to help develop formulations in our body washes and facial cleansers that are designed to have less of an minimize impact on aquatic life. We’re mindful not only of what goes into our formulations, but our impact on the world around us.


Our Heritage & Community: Skincare For All

Our research-based products are created with skin health equity for all in mind. We continue to strive for greater inclusivity in our clinical trials and consumer studies, as well as research aimed at a broad spectrum of more representative and culturally relevant skin types. We are committed to raising awareness around skin health disparities, especially for those within marginalized communities.

We consider not only what goes into our formulas, but for whom these formulas bring benefit and aim to provide targeted skin care for a diverse population.