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Ideas To Make Bath Time More Fun for Your Kids

Top Tips for an Easy & Fun Bath Time

Fortunately, there are various ways to make bath time fun for both kids and adults. Kids of all ages function better with routines, try following a daily bedtime routine, so try to keep bath time on a regular schedule. Since kids only need bathing two to three times a week1, a suggested bath schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:30 PM.

Using products that empower kids to start bathing on their own is another way to make bath time easier. Like Sage, they can take charge of their own self-care with Aveeno® Kids Face and Body Wash. Bath bombs, music, and toys also can help make bath time a positive experience.

Bath Bombs for a Fun Bubble Bath

Bath bombs bring fun to bath time! Children love to watch bath bombs fizz and bounce around the tub as they dissolve. This helps create a more enjoyable bath experience because the child is entertained and happier. This also gives you a chance to give them a good scrub!

Fun Music and Sing-Along Songs

Who doesn’t love music? Kids love to listen to catchy songs — often on repeat! Consider creating a sing-along playlist for bath time to make bathing more enjoyable. Incorporating songs specific to bath time, such as Bath Song (Cody Edition) | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs will help teach your child how to bathe themselves. 

Unique & Fun Bath Accessories Just for Your Kids

Kids feel more grown up and included when they have their own products just for them. Consider making your kid’s bathroom the fun room in the house with a themed shower curtain, bathmat, and towel. A caddy specifically for your kid’s bath products may help encourage them to take ownership of their bathing routine.

Bath Time Toys

Kids are always exploring their environments. A few basic toys will help keep your child’s attention so the bath routine can be completed. Bath time toys for kids can be added to any budget. Hang a small mirror in the shower so they can see soap bubble beards and silly hairstyles. Get creative with empty containers — you can make a “waterfall” of empty water bottles stuck (with velcro) on the bathtub wall.

Remember To Play Safe While Having Fun!

Having fun in the shower is important, but bath safety must come first. Here is an overview of things to watch out for to keep bath time both safe and fun2:

  • Kid-friendly water temperature: Using a warm water temperature — around 100° F — is best for all baths. This temperature will prevent your child from becoming too chilled or overheated.
  • Kid-friendly water level: Keep water levels low, which is up to the kid’s waist when they are sitting in the tub.
  • Adult supervision: Never leave a young child unattended in a bathtub and always keep your eyes on your child when they are in the water.
  • Safe bathtub: Install non-stick pads and faucet cushion covers to help prevent falls and injuries.
  • Kid-friendly products: Adult bath products often contain harsh cleansers and strong smells that are not safe for your children. Aveeno® Kids products are perfect for kids’ sensitive skin and scalp and they are free of harsh cleansers. Kids will love using Aveeno Kids products, which encourage and empower kids to do bathing tasks independently.



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