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Skin Science

The Story Behind the Tone + Texture Product Range

As a leader in skin science, Aveeno® is committed to science and research that produces products that care for sensitive skin. Our expertise in skincare allows us to recognize that sensitivity is a factor in overall skin health. We seek to bring awareness to everyday skin sensitivities and reframe sensitive skin as both natural and manageable.

We also challenge ourselves to stay connected to our consumers, listening and learning to best meet their needs. Our in-depth research revealed that despite how common uneven skin tone and texture concerns are across all skin types and colors, very few products actually address all three of the most common concerns: roughness, dry skin and bumpy skin (even keratosis pilaris).

Aveeno® Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion and Renewing Night Cream were developed to address uneven tone and texture concerns. Even more importantly, the products were formulated for and by those with sensitive skin.

The ingredient story:

The history of Aveeno® is built upon our commitment to combine scientific research with selected ingredients found in nature. Our scientists unlock the power of these ingredients to bring nourishing solutions to skincare so even the most sensitive skin feels soothed and moisturized.

Aveeno® Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion and Renewing Night Cream, with natural PHA, Pro-Vitamin B3 and Prebiotic Oat, nourish while gently exfoliating to soften and smooth sensitive skin.

Natural PHA: Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that gently lifts off dead skin cells from the skin surface making skin appear smoother and more even toned. It’s a larger molecule than other acids, such as alpha hydroxy acids like Glycolic Acid, but is better for sensitive skin types. It also has antioxidant properties that won’t make skin more sensitive to the sun.

Pro-Vitamin B3: Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that supports the skin’s moisture barrier. It also helps retain moisture, increases skin resiliency, visibly evens out skin tone and improves texture.

Prebiotic Oat: helps replenish skin’s natural moisture barrier and complements its ecosystem for healthy-looking skin. It also helps lock in moisture and soothe skin.

The results:

In a 4-week clinical study of Aveeno® Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion:

  • 100% saw improved dryness & scaling
  • 98% saw improvement in roughness and overall skin texture
  • 93% saw improved skin tone and overall skin appearance

In an 8-week study of Aveeno® Tone + Texture Renewing Night Cream:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers said they would replace their current body moisturizer
  • 75% said the product helped them feel more confident in showing off their bumpy skin areas
  • Over 90% of consumers agreed:
    • After one use, their skin felt more moisturized
    • After 1 week of use, their skin felt nourished and softer
    • After 4 weeks of use, the feeling of their rough skin was improved
    • After 8 weeks of use, their skin felt smoother

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