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Why soy skincare will be your next favorite thing

A collection of soybeans displayed on a table.
Liz Thompson
Liz Thompson June, 28, 2019

Freelance writer, green beauty expert, coffee drinker, beach bum wannabe

Dealing with dull skin, wrinkles and redness can be super frustrating. We totally get it! When you're facing skin issues like this, you might be tempted to look for solutions in the latest gadgets and newest fads, but sometimes the best plan of action is to simply turn to natural ingredients.

For instance, soybeans are great for your overall well-being, and your skin reaps a lot of the benefits. Soy skincare products are great at promoting a calm, even-toned, who-knew-skin-could-look-this-radiant appearance.

6 Reasons soy belongs in your meals and your skincare routine

Soy offers huge beauty benefits, whether it's on your plate or in a body cream! Here are six reasons to love this amazing ingredient.

1. Improves your skin texture

Soy contains antioxidant compounds known as isoflavones, which may play an important role in reducing the appearance of skin aging. So, adding soy-heavy foods like tofu and soy milk to your diet can help diminish signs of dullness and wrinkles, creating a smoother, more youthful-looking appearance. It may also increase collagen levels in the skin. Pass the soy, please!

Cropped image of beautiful young woman applying hand cream while sitting on bed at home2. Makes skin look bright and radiant

Those antioxidant compounds are serious skin brighteners, helping to deliver a luminous and even-toned appearance. Another great way to take advantage of soy's brightening effects is using soy skincare products! For instance, using an exfoliating body wash made with moisture-rich soy can leave your skin feeling soft and supple — follow it up with a soy-based skin cream for an appearance that totally glows.

3. Firms (and plumps) aging skin

Fluctuating hormonal levels can seem to suck the life right out of skin, which is something no one wants. Estrogen helps keep skin plump, so when your hormone levels are in flux, your skin suffers for it. Thankfully, research shows that soy can cause some estrogenic or anti-estrogenic activity, depending on your natural hormone levels. Add some soy to your diet and skincare regimen to give deflated, tired-looking skin a beauty boost — and use a body lotion containing soy for an instant wow factor!

4. Fights hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, which looks like patches of darker skin, tends to show major improvement when soy enters the mix. Soy works by inhibiting melanin from collecting in the top layer of skin, and this helps prevent uneven skin tone. Best of all, soy skincare products are typically well suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

5. Reduces redness

Yes, soy improves the look of dark spots and discoloration, but it also has a talent for decreasing skin redness — making it ideal for those with rosacea or irritation. Soy delivers a soothing sensation that calms skin down, and it's a perfect option for targeting lines and wrinkles without risking the irritation that stronger chemical ingredients can cause. Try a nighttime moisturizing serum made with soy to wake up with a fresh and even complexion.

6. Improves sun damage

Soaking in the summer sun is a fantastic feeling, but the dark spots, discoloration and premature aging those rays can cause are less fun. You already know that using sunscreen year-round is the best way to protect against skin damage. Still, you're only human if you forget the SPF every once in a while! OK ... maybe even more often. Fortunately, soy can come to the rescue again!

Remember those beautiful antioxidants mentioned earlier? They also help to diminish the appearance of sun damage — both when applied to the skin or eaten. Make the most of these UV protection benefits by using a daily moisturizer with SPF that contains soy.

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