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Toddler Activities: Fun Things to Do with Them

Indoor Toddler Activities

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Try these fun indoor activities with your toddler to keep the blues away.

Indoor Bowling

Bring the fun of bowling home! You can use empty bottles, paper towel tubes, or other objects around your house to set up as “pins.” Give your toddler a ball and watch the fun!

Box Fort

Have some old boxes lying around the house? Help your toddler make their very own box fort, and give them markers, crayons, and stickers to decorate it with! Afterward, add a pillow and blanket for reading time or a movie.

Homemade Playdough

This homemade playdough recipe is kid-friendly and uses everyday ingredients you might already have in your cupboard.


  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ cup salt
  • 2 tbsp of any light oil, such as vegetable oil or coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 1 ½ cups boiling water
  • Food coloring (optional)

Add the flour and salt into a large bowl, then mix in the cream of tartar and oil. Pour in the boiling water, then mix all of the ingredients together. Be careful because the dough will be hot at this step. After it has cooled, split the dough into balls and add the food coloring of your choice! You can have your toddler help you choose the colors and mix them in. Use gloves and cover your countertop/table at this step to avoid staining them. Don’t forget to seal in an air-tight container when your toddler is done playing.

For added fun, give your toddler cookie cutters or other tools to make cool shapes and animals!

Outdoor Toddler Activities

Looking to get some fresh air and sunshine with your toddler? Try these activities to make playtime outside even more fun! Play safe in the sun with our Kids Continuous Protection® Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 or Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Face Stick with Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Scavenger Hunt

Get your toddler exploring with a short scavenger hunt! You can choose an online printout with pictures of the items or make your own. For some extra excitement, try following a theme using the current season or an upcoming holiday as inspiration.

Sensory Bins

Keep the mess out of your house by bringing sensory bins outside! Fill plastic tubs with water, sand, or dry rice, then add some cups and toys for your toddler to play with. These bins are not only fun for your toddler, but they also help improve their fine motor skills.1

Obstacle Course

Did you know you can build your own obstacle course right in your backyard? You can use hula hoops, pool noodles, and even the trees or bushes around you to set up a fun course for your toddler to run through all day!


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